Full Moon
Tu Fu
Above the tower — a lone, twice-sized moon.
On the cold river passing night-filled homes,
It scatters restless gold across the waves.

On mats, it shines richer than silken gauze.

supermoon2Empty peaks, silence: among sparse stars,
Not yet flawed, it drifts. Pine and cinnamon
Spreading in my old garden . . . All light,
All ten thousand miles at once in its light!


Look at the night sky November 14, 2016.  The full moon will be closer to the earth than it has been in 68 years. It will look brighter and it will look about 14% larger than usual.  The gravitational pull on the earth now and through the next month will be a little stronger because the moon is closer to earth.  Because of this the ocean tides will rise about 2 feet to 3 feet above normal. So that you can see this brighter, bigger moon perfectly …wishing you dark nights and clear skies.
Ruth Schweitzer- Greystone Skywatcher.
The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalm 19:1

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