Sister Age – M.F.K. Fisher

Carol Moffat
Book Reviewer

My sister, Linda gave this book to me. She says she gave it to me because it had the word “Sister” in it. How cool it that!

Sister Age  – M.F.K. Fisher

Post WWII France and St Francis of Assisi frame these 15 stories.  St. Francis of Assisi’s “Brother Pain”, an affliction that he walked with all his life, inspired Fisher to introduce us to “Sister Age”.

All of these vignettes  have some shade of aging woven into them with humor and grace and haunting.

I have to appreciate Fisher’s smarts and her clarity as a writer and her keen sense of observation.  Her intuition into character is electric.

Some of the stories are fantastical which adds another texture to these tales.  All of them are thoughtful and inspiring.  This book stays on my shelf and I refer to it from time to time,  as “Sister Age” hovers over my own shoulder.