The Moffats

Dedicated to my Family

Art Moffat Second Presbyterian Johnstown
Art Moffat -Second Presbyterian -Johnstown, PA









Art Moffat Pastor
Art Moffat Pastor
  • Powerful– mind and body, kind, merciful
  • Sibling of Bo
  • Lover of Jesus Christ, Carol, his kids,  mountains ,woods
  • Who feels intense, joyful,energized and thoughtful
  • Who needs to pastor, evangelize, sing praise
  • Who gives a cup of living water
  • Who fears apathy, inertia, myopia
  • Who would like to see AWAKENING,  healing, Africa
  • Pastor of  Second Presbyterian, Johnstown
  • Moffat


  • Wife, Mom, friend,student

    Carol Moffat Book Reviewer
    Carol Moffat
    Book Reviewer
  • Sibling of Linda and Mary
  • Lover of Christ, Art, The Kids, Birds Singing
  • Who feels hopeful, wondering, watchful and blessed
  • Who needs to listen carefully, study hard, laugh often
  • Who gives hugs
  • Who fears harm to any child, subtly, no birds singing
  • Who would like to see Mercy and Grace and growth
  • Resident of the hills of Pennsylvania
  • Moffat



  •  Family man, wordsmith, honest, strong
  • Sibling of Ian and Erin
  • Lover of Jesus, Lee , Ry, reading
  • Who feels curious, absorbed, creative
  • Who needs books, expression, justice
  • Who gives friendship, loyalty, attention
  • Who fears closed libraries, slow mail all blandness
  • Who would like to see kindness prevail
  • Resident of The Body of Christ
  • Moffat


Genuine Friend
Genuine Spirit
  • Wife, Mom, Singer, Quick, Beautiful Laugh
  • Sibling of Daniel, Eugene, Donald, Jake, Maggie & Noelle
  • Lover of Jesus, Wolfe, Ry, her large family
  • Who feels inspired, intentional, motivated
  • Who needs a challenge, a project, always a new horizon
  • Who gives true friendship, generously to other’s needs, acceptance
  • Who fears all cruelty, boredom, stagnation
  • Who would like to see Niagara Falls frozen, the beach, progress
  • Resident of The Body of Christ
  • Moffat


Ian Moffat, Johnstown, PA Lover of wisdom
Ian Moffat
Lover of wisdom
  • Artistic, intuitive, learner, articulate
  • Sibling of Wolfe and Erin
  • Lover of Lil, laughter, THE WAY,  philosophy
  • Who feels  inventive, emphatic  and drawn to sunshine
  • Who needs to learn ,  to create
  • Who gives sunshine, understanding, insight
  • Who fears spiders, chaos, ignorance
  • Who would like to see Scotland
  • Resident of God’s Beautiful World
  • Moffat

Erin Elizabeth

Erin with orphans
Erin Elizabeth Moffat with orphans
  • Bright eyed, inquisitive, invested, energetic
  • Sibling of Wolfe and Ian
  • Lover of TRUTH, orphans, ballet,
  • Who feels watchful, analyzing, undaunted
  • Who needs knowledge, meaning , freedom
  • Who gives mercy and concern
  • Who fears mindlessness, social injustice, slavery
  • Who would like to see  Renaissance, The Nutcracker every year, the shore
  • Resident of God’s Remarkable World
  • Moffat

3 thoughts on “The Moffats”

  1. Who couldn’t love my mom. I feel like in order to post on here I should say something deeply, poetic, profound. Maybe some other time when I’m feeling inspired. In the mean time though, I just wanna say who couldn’t love my beautiful, blonde bomb shell, brilliant, kind, talented, brave, and gifted mother. I mean really, how can so much goodness be wrapped into one person?
    My dear mom I love you so much. Everything good in me and everything beautiful I see everyday is because of you.
    A bushel and a peck,

  2. What a tremendous joy to discover this site!! I am enjoying reading Art’s sermons and everyone’s book reviews. Carol, you are a pioneer to develop such a rich site for family and friends. Thank you!

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