Leanne’s Reviews-May 2015



This book reminds me of Leanne.

The gentle nature of the narrative, the quite strength of the good guys, the genuine spirit radiating truth in the face of turmoil are all good traits that I see in her.



Sutter’s Cross -W. Dale Cramer

The language in this book is poetry. Cramer’s eloquence speaks a true love for the lay of the land. It is his land, and he can splash light and shadow, and every hue of color over these Appalachian Mountains until you can breath the very air.

This is a gentle tale with enough scrappy shards of injustice, avarice and greed to turn a plot into a maelstrom of sorrow.

A quiet, traditional town of Sutter’s Cross is interrupted at the annual church picnic by an un-traditional stranger “Harley”. From there, the easy, familiar rhythm of this little town begins to list from one side to another. The upshot in the midst of so much pastoral beauty, family love and community devotion, is nothing less than brutal.

Crammer takes on hypocrisy in the church, tradition bred indolence in communities and human pain seemingly beyond endurance, then sifts all these scenes though human choices and consequences. For such a gentle story teller you find yourself hanging on for a wild ride!

Through Jake Mahaffey’s journal we see a cross section of Sutter’s Cross. There is  generational tragedy evolving  from relationships gone awry. Then there are triumphs as personal choices soar above mere circumstance.

In the end, Cramer pulls us through the deception and the muck of human depravity with the powerful price of redemption.

I especially loved the character of Miss Agnes Dewberry. Her genuine love of the simple things in life makes her a force to be reckoned with. And her wisdom in discerning the worth of a man or woman is pure treasure.

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