In Honor of Jamie


Jamie (Dougherty) Miller

November 20, 1969-June 2, 2015

Jamie (Dougherty) Miller, 45, died June 2, 2015 in Portland, OR, after a valiant three-year fight with Cancer. She was born November 20, 1969 in Colorado Springs to Linda and Jim Dougherty. She attended Whittier Elementary School,West Junior High, and graduated in 1988 from Coronado High School. A distracted student, she attended University of Idaho and Portland State University where she flourished, becoming a library educator, a career she enjoyed for 17 years.

Jamie and her sly sense of humor, nurturing disposition, infectious laugh, delight with learning and sharing new information, and thoughtfulness and curiosity about human nature will always be remembered by her husband Kevin and her children, Max and Alice, of Portland, Oregon.

She will be forever cherished by her parents Ken and Linda Day of Colorado Springs and Sara Dougherty of Vancouver, Washington; her mother-in-law Ann Miller Serpa of Pullman, Washington; her beloved sister Teale and brother-in-law Rory Kocher and their children Dakota and Killian of Colorado Springs; her brother Darin and dear sister-in-law Amy Dougherty, of Portland, Oregon and their children Finn, Beck, and Dash; her brother Jake and sister-in-law Raeanne Doughtery and their daughter Isla of Spokane,WA. Additionally her extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and legions of friends will miss her forever.

Jamie was a runner, a gym rat, a reader, a reader’s advisor, a dear friend, a cherished daughter and sister, a devoted wife and mother, and a good cook. She loved beer, being at home, her own home made Spring Rolls and African Peanut Soup, candles, flowers – especially lilies, Looney Toons – especially Bugs Bunny, working in the yard, scoring at Goodwill, biking and swimming with her family, “pillow talk” which she called the chats that she had to have in bed after she got sick, and her cherished cat Greta.

She was preceded in death by her grandparents, her father, a special Uncle Kenny Hahn, her brother James Richard Dougherty and her adored boyfriend cats Vinnie and Turk.

Memorial tributes and services are pending.

 Obituary — Colorado Springs Gazette June 7, 2015

I Remember Jamie

Ken, Linda, Teale, Jamie
Ken, Linda, Teale, Jamie

I am Jamie’s Aunt Carol.  She just called me Carol.

Teale & Jamie
Teale & Jamie
Jamie & Teale
Jamie & Teale

And I really didn’t “watch her grow up”, as so many Aunts get to do.  We’ve always lived a 1000 miles or more  from each other.

Still, I remember her and see images of her in my mind’s eye from the time she was a tiny girl until she was a grown woman.

As a little girl, she was thoughtful.  Not only was she aware of other people’s feelings, not only was she accommodating to others’ needs, but she thought things through in complex ways.

There was an edge of irony in her observations and her eyes danced deeply.  She was funny.  And she asked such good questions that gave me pause more often than not.

I last saw her as a young mother.  She and her husband Kevin had traveled far and long with two small children to visit family.  She and Kevin were such a team with those children, who were out of routine and tired and a little displaced.

Christmas 2014 Kevin, Jamie, Max, Alice
Christmas 2014
Kevin, Jamie, Max, Alice

They were gentle to the kids and attentive and if Kevin and Jamie  were exhausted it didn’t show.  “Pleasant” was their modus operandi.  I couldn’t help but admire them.

In her last months, when she really didn’t feel well at all, but really didn’t tell people so,  she took the time to comfort me. I had thought that I might make contact with her to encourage, to comfort, but the roles were quite reversed.  Her kindness, humor and gentle spirit were  generous gestures of inspiration.

Many people will miss Jamie.  She made her corner of the world a brighter place.  I will miss that and I will continually seek the images in my mind of the stages in her life that I knew  best.


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