Death By The Bay – Patricia Skalka

Patricia Skalka


Skalka just gets better and better. This book is based on a family story which is amazing in itself. Pat Skalka’s grandmother emerges in this family story as a brave, strong woman chasing off a predator who seeks to take Rose, a daughter with polio, away to be healed. This has happened before in her tight knit, immigrant community where an impaired girl was taken from her home to be healed, never to return. These things really happened. And Skalka re-creates, researches and brings some poetic justice to victims of these criminals. The book is dedicated to the author’s Aunt Rose, “who was denied so much in life.” And a mighty tribute this story is!

Cubiak is again on the scene. Life has changed so much for him in beautiful ways. He has a four year old boy. He and his wife have carved a strong family. And he is as tough, insightful and still geared to travel the unbeaten path to investigations as he has ever been.

As always, Skalka’s research into her subject and her love of Door County permeate every page. She notices things others miss in her verbal paintings and helps us to see more clearly.

The story is riveting. I find myself reflecting on it over and over again.