40 Days of Decrease — Alicia Britt Chole

Leanne is a keen student of The Spirit led life.   I shared this book with her knowing that she would grasp and re-grasp all that this beautiful volume offers. 

Leanne & Wolfe

40 Days of Decrease:  A Different Kind of Hunger.  A Different Kind of Fast –Alicia Britt Chole

This a good book to walk with through Lent.  It is also a good book to walk with just any old time.  It is about fasting, but with new and powerful insights that challenge strictures in our thinking and brokeness in our hearts.

The back cover of this book has the real hook.  It asks us, ” What if your family fasted denial? What if your friends fasted comparison? What if your generation fasted escapism? What if your church fasted spectatorship?”   Chole guides us though fasts that de-clutter our minds and our emotions.

The insights offered here untangle confusion about who we are in the the grand scheme of the next four zillion years.  The book is a challenge and a promise written with light and beauty and some of the deepest thinking you’ll ever ponder.