Snow, snow, snow, wonderful snow!

seemingly dancing
on blank snow,
flecks illuminate light
generating warmth
in the hearth
of one’s life stone
where fiery coal burns
mined by a harbinger
holding the breath
of one’s own body and soul-
riding on currents of
rebirth, in winter
A Feeling For Snow

-Adryan Barnathan



Kooser State Park


The other Carol and I have spent beautiful times in these Laurel¬† Highlands cross country skiing. The little log warming hut, with a pile of split wood inviting a fire in the stove, the long wooden picnic tables carved with memories, the journal that stays there for passersby¬† to record their reflections of this place, is our stop.¬† We eat our peanut butter sandwich, drink our hot tea, and are on our way home. A perfect winter’s day!


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